Further Direction

Current science offers new and innovative air purification options that can compete with or even surpass the classic and proven method of filtration through filter material.

In this context, it is mainly a question of purifying the air using some frequency of ultraviolet radiation.

Our company therefore established cooperation with Nanočističky-Retap s.r.o. Miloš Heršálek, who already supplies UV air purifiers to the market and his knowledge in the field of air purification is very inspiring for us.

Our common goal is to miniaturize current UV air purification technology to make it applicable to our Transparent Respirator. Thanks to this, the breathing comfort, durability and, above all, the effectiveness of the respirator would be significantly improved.

Such a photocatalytic filter would be able to decompose any organic impurities, toxic gases or fine dust particles into CO2 and H2O without the passage of air through any solid filter material. The photocatalytic filter could clean the inhaled as well as exhaled air with high efficiency. However, there are also minor disadvantages. The respirator would have to have its own power supply and the user would have to charge it just like a mobile phone.

We are just at the beginning. However, we believe that we will soon offer the world a completely new Transparent Respirator with innovative UV filtration.