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Experience with Transparent respirator PR21 from the covid department of Ostrava University Hospital

The transparent respirator PR21 undergoes a long-term test in the operation of the University Hospital in Ostrava. Nurse Marcela Dedková shares her experience with our respirator from the covid department of the Ostrava University Hospital.


   My name is Marcela Dedková, I work as a nurse at the University Hospital Ostrava - Poruba at the Department of Infectious Medicine, now the Covid Unit for Patients with Covid 19.

During a friendly conversation with Mr. Knobloch from 3D tiskarna Turnov, I expressed interest in testing his prototype transparent respirator in the field.

   I was very interested in this idea, because since March 2020, all medical staff, including doctors, have been using respirators from various manufacturers. Most of us used full-face masks with a filter (remembering civil defense lessons at school), which were heavy, and after a few hours of use, our head and especially our neck ached.

 After receiving a transparent respirator, I was immediately attracted by the low weight. "Finally something that won't hurt my neck," I said to myself. Thanks to the fact that I was using a prototype version I could also choose a color, which also pleased me as a woman.

   I was curious how the respirator would sit on my face and whether I would not fog my glasses, which I had not used before (we must protect the conjunctiva as well). If we had to have dioptric glasses, we couldn't wear them in full-face masks, they didn't fit under them, so most of the staff wore contact lenses.

So less than 4 months ago, I started using the Transparent  respirator PR21.


- low weight (neck pain stopped)

- goggles do not mist, the respirator on the nose seals well

- transparency of the respirator - older people who have poor hearing, look away from their lips, see my mouth as I move with them, see my smile, emotions, and my teeth (they always ask if they are mine)

- light and fast handling (I mean immediate and fast deployment of a respirator during the so-called run-in to patients)

- good audibility, I just need to raise my voice a little

- it breathes well through it, I don't feel a lack of air (it's good that the filters are on the side, in masks with filters in the front I always pressed them when handling the patient and almost suffocated)

 - washable, I can easily disinfect it, it does not form a white film like other respirators and it is not damaged by frequent handling, it is not scratched



- I'm still pressed on my nose, when worn for several hours I have a pressure on my nose (I'll probably need a nose job)

- when I tighten the strap on my head, the respirator on my chin comes off and does not seal (I probably have a shapeless face)

 - When replacing filters, you need dexterity and fine motor skills, otherwise you will not replace it


   As a nurse in the Covid unit, I meet sick people every day, and unfortunately death. The idea that I am also a patient in the hospital and that the hosppital staff walks around me in spacesuits and crazy masks makes me a bit uneasy. For that reason I am happy that there is this respirator, that gives people a smile they can share.

   Many young doctors serving in our country have already become interested in this respirator and I see that they are also open to new things that will make their time in the hospital more pleasant for them and also all their patients.

   I am grateful for the opportunity to test this respirator.

   Sincerely, Marcela Dedková, Ostrava.