About Transparent respirator PR21

FILTER HALF MASK with human face

  • 2in1 universal see-through filter mask
  • visible human emotions (social and communication aspect, visual identity)
  • designed for preventive protection against viruses, pollen, dust, dirt
  • the highest level of filtration E11 (higher than FFP2) - replaceable EPA filters
  • kompatibilní s funkcí Face ID (iPhone, iPad)
  • vkládatelná redukce umožňuje použití průmyslových filtrů (Sigma, 3M, atd.)
  • Czech product, Czech patent with worldwide potential
  • economical operation and maintanance of the mask (repeatable long-term use with the possibility of sterilization)
  • eko-friendly product (only filters need to be replaced)
  • oversized breathing comfort (many times higher filter area than required by the hygienic standard)
  • Filter sterilization: hot air oven  (life 1-5 weeks)
  • provided with a hydrophilic anti-fog layer
  • low weight (approx. 170g), double quick-release system (comfortable to wear)
  • comfortable sealing edge that adapts to any face with minimal pressure, universal size
  • protective aid for various professional purposes (eg. medicine, administration, production sphere and others)
  • possibility to buy a practical bag for a respirator attachable to a belt


Price calculation

Basic price (trasparent mask, set of 2 filters, quick-release rubber band, protective bag, exhalation valve blocker, instruction for use): CZK 1,499 / pc incl. VAT

Volume discounts for higher amounts of goods